Monday, November 18, 2019

Working with Leading People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Working with Leading People - Essay Example A few months ago, 63 people applied for the post but only a handful applicants came anywhere near the required standard. Clearly something is not going well. You have been appointed as a HR officer, tasked with improving the standard of recruitment and selection in the company. 1. Prepare a job advertisement for a Marketing Manager for Delicious Food. Delicious Foods UK requires a Marketing Manager to spearhead and executive strategies such as planning, market research, promotions, sales, advertising and PR for the Organization. Candidate should be able to educate and motivate the sales team. Ideal candidate should have at least five years of experience in the relevant field which demonstrates pro-activity, team management and positive sales results. The Marketing Manager will be responsible for key marketing functions like planning marketing strategies, conducting research, advertising and promotions, public relations. The role also involves managing the productivity of the marketin g team and carrying out period reviews of all the marketing activities. 1. Provide an example of a marketing activity that you have successfully carried out in the recent past. 2. What are some of the typical challenges that you face in marketing? 3. Give an example of a situation where a marketing campaign that you handled was not a success. Give reasons. 4. What would be the first few things that you would do if appointed as the Marketing Manager of Delicious Foods? ... Secondly, the preliminary interview would be more comprehensive so that only the best of the lot move to the main interviews. The third step would be to make sure that two rounds of interviews are conducted by senior Marketing officials who would be able to gauge whether the candidate meets the necessary brief. 3. Discuss the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations in recruitment and selection process. As per the employment legislation, an employer is bound to provide certain specific rights to the employee. Therefore, an employer should always provide the right to equality and a workplace without any discrimination (Williams et al, 2010). This should also be applicable during the recruitment process. In addition, many organizations are also likely to face conflict of interest during the recruitment process because of previous associations. Such conflicts also should be avoided and a fair and equal chance should be given to all the candidates. 4. Evaluate the key factors that ar e essential for the success of the recruitment and selection processes in organizations. The key factors that are essential for the success of the recruitment and selection process of any organization include the availability of budget and resources, ensuring that the procedure is carried out with fairness in an ethical manner, detailed process of arriving at job description and role description, comprehensive and evaluative interview process and employee friendly hiring process (Hughes and Rog, 2008). In addition, it is also necessary that these processes are carried out in such a manner that everyone gets equal opportunities. 5. â€Å"One-fourth of interviewers around the world look at candidates' pages on social networking websites to gather information on

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